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The Ileach is a peaty single malt from a secret Islay distillery, this has received rave reviews from whisky critics and has a solid core of peat and malt.

leach Peaty is an independently bottled Islay malt from the Highlands and Islands Whisky Company. It is a bargain considering the price. No one knows for sure what distillery it is from but rumour has it that it is a 5yr old Lagavulin.

Nose is big, smoky bacon, Peat and sweet smoke. In the mouth you get more smoke, hint of vanilla but it is overpowered by earty, lightly spiced smoke. The finish is as you would expect…smoky. Tingle in the middle of the tongue.



  1. Mike Crutch

    On a visit to Logie Whisky and Wine, I sampled the Ileach and found it excellent in taste and amazingly good value for an Islay single malt. The peat notes are pleasantly ‘fire side’ and not overpowering, and although I’m someone who can quite happily drink Laphroaig (seen by many as fearsome!), the Ileach does not lack anything that someone who likes peated single malts – or perhaps wants to try for the first time – would want in such a dram. Thanks for the introduction to a new favourite!

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