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Darnley View Gin

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A crisp, tasty, London Dry Gin created by Wemyss! Darnley’s is named after the time when Mary Queen of Scots first met her future husband Lord Darnley at Wemyss Castle in 1565.
Darnley’s View is made with six carefully selected berries, seeds, peels, roots and flowers known collectively as the botanicals. The principal botanicals in our recipe are juniper, lemon peel and elderflower. Bottled at 40% ABV to accentuate the floral, citrus notes.Juniper
In our gin the distinctive pine, lavender camphor-like flavour of the juniper berry is the keynote around which all the other botanicals are built. We select the most aromatic, oil rich berries which grow in Southern Europe.
Lemon Peel
Lemon peel dried in the Spanish sunshine adds a fresh crisp bite.
Elder trees grow freely on our Scottish estate. The delicate fruity flavours of elderflower are not only a reminder of our Scottish heritage, they also add an extra special floral dimension to our gin.

Coriander Seed
Coriander seed from Morocco contributes warm, gingery, sage like flavours and a soft spiciness.
Angelica Root
The woody notes of dried angelica root from France helps to make our gin dry.
Orris Root
We source our orris from the Benelux countries and its aromatic fragrant notes contribute earthy complex flavours and hints of
Parma Violet.


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