Orkney Johnsmas Gin


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During Johnsmas, the Orcadian midsummer, the sun barely disappears below the horizon. Traditionally marked by bonfires, this time of year is steeped in tradition and folklore.

Our Johnsmas Gin is inspired by the long, clear days of an Orkney summer. Fragrant, fresh and light, Johnsmas Gin is crafted using a variety of hand picked seasonal botanicals from our islands and beyond to capture the clean and refreshing floral notes of midsummer.


  1. Erika Robertson

    Lovely Gin with fresh floral summer flavours perfect way to wind down after a summers day.

  2. Angela Tulloch

    Lovely floral taste.Love this

  3. Elsa Tait

    Best gin I’ve ever tasted.

  4. Kathryn Heddle

    This is my favourite gin of all times! Lovely for any occasion and is a great base to work with different flavours.

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