Arbikie Potato Vodka


Arbikie Potato Vodka

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From the Arbikie Distillery, which overlooks the Lunan Bay in Angus comes their super-premium Potato Vodka. It’s made using three types of potato – Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra, which are grown in their own fields. The fermentation, distillation, bottling and labelling all happen on site.
hink of all the tradition and passion involved in the making of single malt whisky – now think of that same energy going into the making of vodka.

All would be futile without adding the finest ingredients. The potatoes are grown in our own fields (Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra varieties) and picked at a time that ensures their creamy character stays alive all the way to the bottle.

They then apply that same care and craft to the distilling – using a copper still and water filtered through the Angus hills. The result is a truly exceptional vodka with an ultra-smooth and velvety taste. It is an experience to sip and savour.

Named one of the ‘Best Vodkas’ in the World by GQ Magazine


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