Glengarioch 15 year old 1998 wine casked matured


Glengarioch 15 year old 1998 wine cask matured

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A Glen Garioch single malt Scotch whisky matured  completely in wine casks.  The first ever fully-wine-cask-matured whisky from the distillery in Aberdeenshire. This limited edition whisky was distilled in 1998 and filled into French Bordeaux wine casks, where it matured for 15 years, until it was bottled in 2014.

This small batch release has been exclusively matured in the finest wine casks since 1998, adding a touch of French finesse to Glen Garioch’s famously Rich Highland Character. The result is fruity, sweet and very spicy.

Rich and complex – layers of chocolate malt, autumn fruits like brambles, wild blueberries and plums, and warming oak spices, followed by nutmeg and ginger marmalade drizzled with heather honey. Sweet and spicy to the end, with chocolate, brambles and ginger.

48% ABV Bottled: 2014 No. Bottles: 6000


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