Highland Park Ice Edition


Highland Park Ice Edition Aged 17 years

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A new limited edition Highland Park Ice which will also come with a cradle. It will will be shaped like a mountain as opposed to a longship.

Matured mostly in bourbon casks, it is said to most resemble Freya, although this release is in honour of the Ice Realm of Niflheim (hence the cut blue glass bottle). This land of perpetual ice and cold is home to the frozen river of Elivágar and the well of Hvergelmir!  Another Norse series and as there are Nine Worlds in Norse mythology we can expect plenty more in the pipeline. Could Fire be next……

Tasting Note by
Producer’s Tasting Note:
Nose: Resplendent aromas of cool, fresh pineapple and ripe mango sorbet come to life in this celebration of glacial character. Silvery shards of smoke give way to the frosty kick of root ginger.
Palate: Like the Ice Giants themselves, the palate is powerful yet mellifluous. In true Highland Park style, the combination of an argent, misty peat smoke is intertwined with pearly iridescent vanilla seeds and overtones of molten orris root.
Finish: Beautifully balanced, the creamy, rich, oily finish snowballs into long lingering woodiness and dry, feverish spices, providing a scintillating and harmonious whisky to savour.


  1. steven macleod (verified owner)

    If you have followed the Valhalla collection from Highland Park, I most certainly have, you know how desirable these collections are and often hard to find. This being the first in the follow on from Valhalla series I already can’t wait to see (and buy!) the next one, seeing them all lined up on display will be awesome!

    What makes a great collectable for me is a well presented bottle, a great story behind the design (especially when it is related to the history of the distillery) and of course the quality of the whisky itself. On all fronts you can’t go wrong with this. The personal touch is often lost when dealing with big retailers, not here, if you have a question ask Logie Whisky and they may be able to help you, I did and am now one very happy customer!! 🙂

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