Lagavulin 12 year old


Lagavulin 12 year old.

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The 2015 release from Lagavulin – a 12 year old well worth the wait.

As pale as usual. This has a sweet, almost pancake mix aroma and and very subtle smoke. Lightly grassy with some wet slate, reminiscent of a Mosel/Saar Riesling. As it develops you get wet wool, more weight and sweetness. Water produces the smoke alongside wax crayon scribbles.
Clean and quite peppery, with lemon and a little sulphur in the background, where it mixes with the smoke. With water some braised fennel. All very clean, quite sweet, intense. Water allows a delicate seashore note and, finally, the fullest expression of the smoke.
Long but quite refined.
Expressive, balanced and, for Lagavulin, quite restrained. Good price as well.



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